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Alexa Tricks

Easter Eggs have been hidden within software since the dawn of computing. Bored developers often like to hide such nuggets in plain sight. The core design of Alexa, making use of voice commands, lends itself well to funny and entertaining tricks. In this article, we will uncover some of the coolest and funniest Alex tricks. All of them are built…

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Best Alexa Trivia Games

What are the best Alexa games of 2019? Recently, Alexa skills have become a common platform for developers to expand their catalog. Alexa skills allow developers to enhance your Alexa by creating custom games to play. Many people associate Alexa with controlling smart homes, playing music, and delivering voice based news and weather. The availability of games has now started…

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Alexa, open the magic door

Ask Alexa to open The Magic Door and you will start an Alexa-powered interactive game complete with original stories.  Kids and adults will love it!

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